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Introducing the Raspberry Pi Pico Wireless Now with Added Wireless Connectivity for all your IoT Needs
Arduino releases an edge control enclosure kit with an on-board LCD user interface that is rated IP40
The 8th Anniversary of PCBWay Has Begun! Enjoy Heavy Discount Ever.
The ESP32-C5 is Espressif's first dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and BLE RISC-V part for the Internet of Things.
 The CORE-V MCU DevKit from OpenHW Group is a fully open design with a RISC-V core and an eFPGA.
The WiFi AI camera development kit based on the Ingenic T31 offers a battery life of over a year.
 The ICE-V Wireless from QWERTY integrates RISC-V, FPGA, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi onto a single board
Edge AI SMARC-Standard Computer-on-Module by ADLINK is based on MediaTek's Genio 1200 processor.
Nordic Semiconductor has announced a new member of that family, the Nordic Thingy:53
 This package transforms a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W into a pocket computer that includes a keyboard and monitor