Custom PCB prototype service with full functionality PCBWays

It's critical to engage with an assembler that can turn your ideas over quickly if you require prototype printed circuit boards. These boards assist in ensuring that you have the correct design before beginning a complete production run, allowing you to prevent costly mistakes. The sooner you receive your prototype circuit board, the sooner you can test it and begin manufacturing on your standard run. PCBWay is a PCB maker that responds quickly. We provide quick-turn PCB prototypes to help you get your prototype boards out quickly while still adhering to your design criteria.

Custom PCB prototype service with full functionality PCBWays

Printed Circuit Board Prototypes Meet High-Quality Standards

PCBWay provides speedy PCB prototype services for high-quality, low-cost PCBs. We follow quality management systems to the letter, and we have an in-house quality control department that ensures that every work complies with high standards.

We can prototype your PCB in 3-7 days, depending on your specific needs, compared to 6-18 days for Standard PCB service. In the table below, you can see our circuit board prototype capabilities:

Standard PCB Service vs. Prototype PCB Service

When you need a PCB prototype, use the PCB Prototype service.

  • Boards for design review or quality assurance testing prior to manufacturing

Our PCB prototype service is an excellent approach to ensure that your design is free of flaws before going into mass production.

  • PCB Turnaround in a Hurry

Rapid PCB prototyping ensures that you receive your boards quickly.

  • Boards with less than eight layers

We provide rapid PCB prototyping for boards with no more than eight layers because we want to get your boards back to you as soon as possible.

  • FR-4 Board

Standard FR-4 material will be used for your printed circuit board prototype.

  • IPC1 Boards of High Quality

If you want the following services, please choose the Standard PCB service:

  • Full Production Boards

You can contact us for standard PCB service for complete manufacture for usage in your applications once you've confirmed that your design works.

  • Turnaround Time Is Slightly Longer

It takes a bit longer to make sure we have everything just perfect because these are the boards you'll be utilizing. However, now that you've tested the concept, you may start working on your projects as soon as your boards arrive.

  • Up to 9-32 Layered Boards

Once we have the time to build your whole board, we will have a lot more versatility with materials and layers.

  • Boards made of FR-4, aluminum, flex, or other unusual materials
  • IPC2 Boards of High Quality
For a detailed explanation of the differences between our circuit board prototype and conventional circuit board services, see this helpful chart.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Prototyping Circuit Board?

We advocate using a PCB prototyping service to evaluate the functionality of new goods before committing to a full manufacturing run. The following are some of the advantages of designing prototype printed circuit boards:
  • Quickly test and correct designs if they are incorrect.
You'll be anxious to use your entire board in your applications after waiting over a week for them. You can accomplish exactly that if you test your idea beforehand with PCB prototypes.
  • Detect any design flaws early in the development of your projects.
When you have a complete production run in your warehouse, it is not the moment to discover design flaws. PCB prototype helps you to identify any design flaws in a matter of days, make changes, and perfect the design before buying a full run.

  • If required, order low-quantity production runs with a MOQ of only five boards.
Put off your significant orders until you are sure you have the sort of boards you want to save money and decrease hazards.
  • Take advantage of lower manufacturing tolerances.
It gives you a good idea of how well your PCB will function.

You're ready for a complete production run once your proto boards have shown their ability to fulfill your quality and performance standards. Then we'll go from PCB prototype board service to Standard PCB service, which offers stricter production tolerances and more sophisticated features, such as a free Design for Manufacture (DFM) inspection that can discover any flaws that could lower your PCB's quality.

While it may be tempting to simply purchase your entire printed circuit board set and deal with any design faults as they occur, this is rarely the most effective approach. You could get the boards out faster, but if something goes wrong, it might be much more expensive and time-consuming than spending a few more days testing a prototype.

PCBWay PCB Rapid Prototyping Services will help you save time and money in the long run.

PCB prototyping is the best practice approach for ensuring the quality of a design before moving on. Some firms may not have had the time in the past to design a prototype PCB, wait for the assembler to put it together, and then test it. This is no longer a concern, owing to PCBWay's quick PCB prototyping services. You may put in your prototyping PCB board design and receive a rapid PCB prototype in a week or less, allowing you plenty of time to test your PCB proto board before going into full production.

Are you ready to place an online order for a PCB prototype? Try our online PCB Prototype calculator by clicking the button below, which allows you to create an estimate for your bespoke PCB prototype project in seconds.

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