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STMicro has released updated software and firmware bundles to enable communication between STM32H5 hardware and AWS IoT Core.

Launch of Software from STMicro for STM32H5 Devices Interacting with AWS IoT Core and Azure IoT Hub. As soon as feasible, you may start using the STM32H573I-DK Discovery Kit thanks to new firmware and sample software bundles.

For customers wishing to connect STM32H5 microcontrollers with Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub or Amazon's AWS IoT Core, STMicroelectronics has released new software that integrates both services into its own Secure Manager platform.

According to STMicro's Daniel Colonna, the STM32H5 is prepared for the upcoming generation of Internet of Things edge devices, offering the ability to handle complicated applications while working within a limited energy budget.

With the aid of our most recent software, developers can securely connect to the robust storage and data analytics services in the AWS cloud. Additionally, by using the STM32Cube reference implementation, developers can take advantage of the robust services provided by the Azure IoT Hub to transform the data gathered from their devices into useful insights.

The business says its new secure connection technology, which integrates with the STMicro Secure Manager, eliminates the challenging requirement to protect universally unique device identities throughout manufacturing. Instead, according to the business, everything is handled automatically while remaining safe.

The STM32H573I-DK Discovery Kit is supplied with the two software packages, X-CUBE-AWS-H5 or X-CUBE-AZURE-H5, which implement the real-time operating systems from Amazon's FreeRTOS and Microsoft's Azure RTOS, respectively. The Secure Manager system manages cryptographic operations, safe key storage, and settings, as well as the safekeeping of Wi-Fi and Azure or AWS network connection information. In both situations, sample applications are provided.

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