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Doly, an AI-Powered Desktop Companion Driven by Open Hardware, Open Design, and Raspberry Pi, Along with Skill Development Tools
Raspberry Pi Pico/ESP32 Powered UHF RFID Readers Available on Kickstarter
Touchsy - Display That Can be Use with Any Single-Board Computer or Microcontrollers
Arducam Mega - The SPI Camera for Any Microcontroller That Offers Unlimited Possibilities
PiTalk - New 4G IoT Dongle Launched On Kickstarter
Christmas Tree PCB with Raspberry Pi Pico Kit For Techie
SquaryPi and SquaryFi from SB Components Trim Some Corners from the Roundy Range While Adding Features
The Most Affordable Smart Relay Board: RelayFi Is Under $24!
The Red Reactor - Robust battery charger/power supply for Raspberry Pi with I2C monitoring and shutdown
Raspberry Pi HAT Launched, Can Detect Location with Centimeter-Level Accuracy
Active Time-of-Flight Depth Camera Module for the Raspberry Pi is Now Available! Arducam
UHF RFID Series Compatible with Raspberry Pi and other single board computers, Raspberry Pi Pico (& Pico Wireless), Controller and more.