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Meet Raspberry Pi 5 - tech enthusiasts, and Raspberry Pi fans worldwide Order Starting from October 23
The first Microchip microcontroller to support the new I3C interface is the PIC18-Q20.
The ESP32 board has a MicroSD card port and Ethernet
Keep Your Orange Pi 5 Cool and Stable with the Low-Profile ICE Tower Cooling Fan
Introducing the Turing RK1: The Powerful Raspberry Pi Cluster for High-Performance Computing
Just Launched - LattePanda Sigma Featuring an 13th-generation Intel Core i5-1340P Rapter Lake
Introducing the PureThermal Micro Breakout Board: The Smallest Lepton Breakout Board Ever Made for Easy Thermal Imaging Integration
AmpRipper 4000: The Next-Gen Battery Charger and Boost Module for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and DIY Enthusiasts Launching Soon on Kickstarter
Raspberry Pi Pico/ESP32 Powered UHF RFID Readers Available on Kickstarter
Introducing the Asus Tinker Board 3: A Powerful IoT Development Board with Extensive I/O has recently announced the launch of their new industrial computer, BeaglePlay
Switch Science Releases RP2040 Microcomputer Board "Picossci Ener" that Runs on a Single AA Battery Functionally Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico
MistySOM by MistyWest: The Low Power Embedded Compute Solution for Industrial Automation and More
The Cheapest and Most Powerful Arduino Uno Alternative with Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Raspberry Pi's New Plug-and-Play Debug Probe for Only $12
Introducing the 9Tripod Pico Pi V2.0: The Raspberry Pi 4 Form Factor SBC with Rockchip RK3588S SoC