Over 300 Microcontrollers Officially Support CircuitPython

Over 300 CircuitPython compatible microcontroller boards are currently available.

Over 300 Microcontrollers Officially Support CircuitPython

Over 300 boards now officially support CircuitPython, according to a post on the Adafruit site. These microcontrollers may be used for a variety of creative applications, and CircuitPython provides a new level of accessibility that makes programming modules, such as the Raspberry Pi, much easier in many ways.

CircuitPython is a barebones programming language that makes coding easier by removing unnecessary clutter and focusing on what's important. Check read our instructions on how to use CircuitPython on the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 board to get a better understanding of what it can do.

The 300+ boards that support CircuitPython, according to Adafruit, include both official and third-party products from corporations, as well as open-source projects created by members of the Raspberry Pi community. There are several microcontrollers available for your projects, and RP2040 boards are among the finest.

On the CircuitPython website, Adafruit provides a comprehensive list of officially supported boards. RP2040 boards, NXP, Nordic, Espressif boards, and many others are examples. Check out the full list to verify if the board you wish to use will work or to locate CircuitPython-compatible alternatives for your project.

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