On Kickstarter, a £35 1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT for Raspberry Pi has been launched.

 1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT for Raspberry Pi can be seen on Kickstarter, First time I’ve seen Round Touch LCD HAT For Raspberry Pi. This Round Touch LCD HAT can be an excellent product for the electronics hobbyist to explore, as we have several “Round Touch LCD” in the market in the form of Smartwatch and fitness bands.

£35 Round Touch LCD HAT for Raspberry Pi Launched On Kickstarter

SB Components launched this “1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT for Raspberry Pi” on Kickstarter yesterday which looks amazing on Raspberry Pi. This display comes with a micro round touch display of 240 x 240-pixel color IPS TFT panel with a wide-angle view which enhances the display look more attractive, it also has an optional capacitive touch panel.  

Highlights  - 1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT for Raspberry Pi

  • Micro Round240x240 Pixel
  • 1.28" Color IPS TFT LCD Display Panel
  • GC9A01A Controller
  • 20 Milliseconds Response Time
  • Wide View Angle
  • Optional Capacitive Touch Panel
  • Compatible With 40 pin GPIO
  • Viewing Angle Range Left80 , Right:80 , Up:80 , Down:80
  • Colors 4K/65K/262K
  • Contrast Ratio (Typ) 500:1 --
  • Brightness (Typ) 400cd/m2
  • Visual Area Ø33.4 mm
  • Active Area Ø32.4 mm

Small Brief - GC9A01 Controller

The GC9A01 is a 262,144-color single-chip SOC driver for a-TFT liquid crystal display with a resolution of 240RGBx240 dots, which includes a 360-channel source driver, a 32-channel gate driver, 129,600 bytes GRAM for graphic display data of 240RGBx240 dots, and a power supply circuit.

Parallel 8/9/12/16/18-bit data bus MCU interface, 6-/12/16/18-bit data bus RGB interface, and 3-/4-line serial peripheral interface are all supported by the GC9A01 (SPI)

For precise power control by software, the GC9A01 supports full color, 8-color display mode, and sleep mode. These features make the GC9A01 an ideal LCD driver for medium or small-size portable products such as digital cellular phones, smartphones, MP3 players, and PMPs where long battery life is a major concern.

Currently, it's available on Kickstarter at a £35 Early Bird price, after the early bird price of £38, You can also read more, and for detailed information visit the 1.28" Round Touch LCD HAT official Page

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