Enhance your EdgePro1 with the EdgeProMX DIY Computer with U-Blox NINA-W102 Module & ATECC608A security chip By Microchip

 EdgePro1, a compact open source 600 MHz CPU board with WiFi/BLE connection that makes use of LuaJIT, as well as a fun build-your-own DIY computer board, are shortly to be available on Crowd Supply.

Enhance your EdgePro1 with the EdgeProMX DIY Computer with U-Blox NINA-W102

The EdgePro1 is a little (32 x 16 mm) open-source development platform that makes use of potent hardware and cutting-edge firmware built on the POSIX-compliant Real-Time Operating System. The key benefit of the EdgePro1 is that applications written in the Lua scripting language may be developed and run in full-stack using the LuaJIT interpreter. When feasible, the LuaJIT interpreter employs just-in-time (JiT) methods to close the performance gap with native C programming.

EdgePro1 supports Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity thanks to its U-Blox NINA-W102 communication module. This communication module features an integrated antenna and a strong open CPU that supports customized applications. The ATECC608A security chip is an additional, optional feature.

Using the EdgeProMX DIY Computer Board, you may improve your EdgePro1.

The DIY computer board EdgeProMX will also be available Soon. A full DIY computer based on the EdgePro1 may be constructed using this 231 x 132 mm PCB using through-hole technology. It has been created particularly for simple soldering at home.

EdgePro1 with the EdgeProMX DIY Computer

An immediately recognizable 48-key mechanical ortholinear keyboard, a 400 by 240 monochromatic LCD module, a rotary switch, a toggle switch, exchangeable batteries, and a development space for prototyping are all included in the EdgeProMX footprint. A conventional JTAG/SWD connection can also be added for debugging purposes.

In order to make building the DIY EdgePro1-based computer of your dreams as simple and enjoyable as possible, After the campaign ends you'll get the complete list of parts, information on where to get them, and a tutorial. and this project is totally open-source, which means you get everything with the product also schematics and BOM for both boards are available on GitHub.

Get alerted when the EdgePro1 project launches so that you may stay up to speed on news and stock changes for this board.

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