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UHF RFID Series Compatible with Raspberry Pi and other single board computers, Raspberry Pi Pico (& Pico Wireless), Controller and more.

 Just launched an amazing UHF RFID Series on Kickstarter. SB Components previously launched UHF HAT for Raspberry Pi and successfully funded the SB Components team, announcing a series of UHF RFID Readers compatible with Raspberry Pi and other single board computers. Pico (& Pico Wireless), Controller, and more.

UHF HAT Lite for Raspberry Pi

In the Kickstarter campaign, they also introduced two variants in UHF RFID Lite & UHF RFID Max, which made customers select according to their needs, and customers can save some extra £ Pounds.

 The UHF RFID is an RFID reader with strong RFID technology designed for various applications in the military, healthcare, banking, and workplaces. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is becoming popular everywhere for tracking practically everything. 

Introducing Two UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID Series:

  • UHF Lite Series
  • UHF Max Series

Introducing Two UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID Series
UHF Lite Series - UHF RFID Lite HAT is a device that operates in the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) band, which spans 840 MHz to 960 MHz. Due to its greater read range than HF NFC scanners, one reader may quickly interact with several tags and quickly within a few meters of each other.

UHF Lite Series variants: 

  • UHF HAT Lite for Raspberry Pi
  • UHF Pico Expansion Lite (For Pico & Pico W)
  • UHF Breakout Lite

UHF Lite Series Specifications: 

  • Stable reading distance 1 meter
  • Reading distance speed, >50pcs/sec
  • Sustain electricity<200mA @ 3.5V (26dBm Output). Pulse peak current<260mA
  • 24 hours x 365 days work normally
  • The cover, electromagnetic environment, etc. little influence on the appearance
  • Wide temperature design and the temperature drift coefficient
  • Frequency 840-960MHZ
  • Output power 18-26 dBm
  • Communication interface - TTL UART interface

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Max Series - A cutting-edge and portable "Ultra High Frequency" RFID reader, the UHF Max is built with powerful RFID technology and is designed for a wide range of defense applications, healthcare systems, banks, workplaces, etc. ThingMagic® M6E Nano UHF RFID Reader, the smallest embeddable module from JADAK with an extremely low power need and a compact form factor, is built into the UHF Max. This RFID reader is perfect for battery-operated, inexpensive, portable devices with a tiny form factor.

UHF Max Series Variants:

  • UHF HAT Max for Raspberry Pi
  • UHF Pico Expansion max (For Pico & Pico W)
  • UHF Breakout Max

UHF Max Series Specifications:

  • Range up to 4 Meters
  • Up to 200 Tags/ Second
  • Read & Write Tags
  • Onboard Antenna
  • External Antenna Support
  • Rain RFID
  • Multi-tags identification
  • 24 hours x 365 days of work
  • ISO 18000-63 standard
  • Supports EPC Gen2V2
  • Compatible with all SBCs

Raspberry Pi Lover can grab Raspberry Pi Board, too, with UHF Lite Raspberry Pi Kit, UHF Max Raspberry Pi Kit, and Pico UHF Max kit also available in the rewards. For the complete list of rewards, specifications, and more, visit the UHF RFID Series Official Kickstarter Page.

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