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The Cheapest and Most Powerful Arduino Uno Alternative with Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

 Arduino enthusiasts have something new to be excited about with the launch of the Ardi Series, an Arduino Uno alternative that is packed with impressive specs and features. What makes the Ardi Series even more exciting is that it comes in two different versions: ArdiPi and Ardi32.

The Cheapest and Most Powerful Arduino Uno Alternative with Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Ardi Series, a cutting-edge technology-based contemporary solution, has begun fundraising on Kickstarter. The Ardi Series, which was created by the Pico Barcode Scanner team, is the ideal replacement for Arduino Uno since it combines a low-cost solution with the largest support communities for Raspberry Pi and ESP32.

The Ardi series, which is a complete replacement board for the Arduino Uno in the Arduino Uno small factor with greater performance, and support for the Arduino IDE, Python, C/C++, and CircuitPython, was recently revealed by Ardi Developer Om Singh. The Ardi series is the ideal platform for all your microcontroller needs, whether you choose the ArdiPi, built for a smooth connection with Raspberry Pi applications, or the Ardi32, based on an ESP32 module, with extended memory and performance possibilities.

Arduino Uno Alternative  - ArdiPi & Ardi32 board

Ardi Series comes in two variants: ArdiPi, powered by Raspberry Pi Pico W, and Ardi32, powered by the ESP-32 module

  • ArdiPi Board is an Arduino Uno form factor with enhanced features, including WiFi and a better microcontroller, powered by Raspberry Pi Pico W. With access to the big Raspberry Pi community, makers, educators, developers, and enthusiasts can unlock more communication protocols and benefit from a wealth of online resources, including forums, blogs, tutorials, and projects, to learn and create with the Raspberry Pi. 
    ArdiPi Board

  • Ardi32 Board is a powerful Arduino Uno replacement board with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, powered by the ESP-32 module. The ESP-32 is a low-cost, dual-core microcontroller with extensive GPIO pins and communication interfaces, perfect for building IoT systems. Ardi32 offers all the power and performance of ESP-32 in Arduino Uno form factor and is supported by a vibrant community of makers, developers, and enthusiasts. It supports several programming languages, including Arduino IDE, C/C++, Python, and CircuitPython, making it easy to use.
    Ardi32 Board

Both the ArdiPi and Ardi32 boards come with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, making them ideal for IoT projects or projects that require wireless communication. They are also compatible with the Arduino IDE, making it easy for users to start programming their Ardi board using the same software they are familiar with.

Overall, the Ardi Series is a game-changer in the world of microcontrollers, with its impressive specs, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with the Arduino IDE. With the availability of both the ArdiPi and Ardi32 boards, users have the flexibility to choose which board best suits their needs and requirements. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Arduino user, the Ardi Series is definitely worth checking out.

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