RoundyPi & RoundyFi - Round LCD Board based on RP2040/ESP-12E

Roundy - Round LCD Board based on RP2040/ESP-12E

"Round LCD screens are in demand these days because they provide your project a small and strong look," Singh says of his latest design. "RoundyPi is a round LCD display based on RP2040 with a tiny and attractive 1.28-inch display module with 240240 resolution, 65K RGB colours, clear and vivid presenting effect," says the manufacturer.

Circular Displays Come with Either an RP2040 or an ESP-12E Microcontroller on Board.

The RoundyPi board is built on the single-chip GC9A01 driver, which is coupled to the board's eye-catching 1.28" 240240 circular LCD. For data and power, a micro-USB connector is supplied, and an unpopulated pin header on the bottom provides four general-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins, as well as ground and power.

A microSD card slot is located on the back of the board and is used to store photos that will be shown on the LCD. The programme is controlled using CircuitPython's RP2040 port and Tyler Crumpton's GC9A01 driver; examples of utilising the microSD card, showing photos, and displaying data from a linked air quality metre are supplied. 


The RoundyFi, on the other hand, has the same display but replaces the RP2040 with the Espressif ESP-12E, which means it loses the microSD slot but gains 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connection. For USB communication, a CP2102 chip is provided, along with a four-pin-plus-power connector on the bottom of the board.

After an earlier relationship with SB Components for the Barcode HAT: A Raspberry Pi Pico add-on intended to read 1D and 2D barcodes and show the data on an on-board 1.14" LCD display panel, Singh is back with the Roundy family. Although rewards for that campaign began to arrive in January of this year, one supporter claims they have yet to get their gear.

Both RoundyPi and RoundyFi are now available to back on Kickstarter, with early bird prices of £20 for RoundyPi and £25 for RoundyFi (roughly $27 and $34 respectively) rising to £25 and £30 (roughly $34 and $41) respectively through the campaign's end — a claimed 29 and 25% off the hardware's eventual retail price. All awards should arrive in April of this year.

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RoundyPi & RoundyFi Official Page

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