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SquaryPi and SquaryFi from SB Components Trim Some Corners from the Roundy Range While Adding Features
Introducing Opta, Arduino first-ever micro PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities
PureThermal 3: The Hackable Thermal Webcam for the FLIR Lepton
 Launch of a Highly-Integrated Energy-Harvesting Module by Telink and Nowi for Smart, Sustainable Devices
A flexible FPGA development board with RISC-V SoC capabilities is called Dragon Li's Bajiu Lite.
Starting at Just $49, StarFive has Opened a Crowdsourcing Campaign for their VisionFive 2 RISC-V SBC
The Dual Raspberry Pi Pico-Powered ProtoZOA Provides prototyping tool for MIDI 2.0
Wireless Sensor Data Collection System support ZigBee3.0, Z-Wave7, LoRa terminal, BLE, etc
DeepDeck is an open source, wireless macropad with 16 RGB buttons.
Canonical provides the Ubuntu 22.04.1 Server image for the StarFive VisionFive V1 RISC-V SBC.
The dual-band Wi-Fi 6 nRF7002 is the first Wi-Fi chip announced by Nordic Semiconductor.
Introduced: The newly revised PlainDAQ, a straightforward, open-source DAQ module for the Raspberry Pi Pico.
Two carrier boards for the Jetson Nano and Jetson NX/TX2 NX have been released by Seeedstudio with the same form factor as carriers used in NVIDIA development kits
The Banana Pi BPI-M4 looks like a Raspberry Pi Board clone and has built-in eMMC flash and M.2 Socket compatibility.
EncroPi, a smart RP2040 Based Device with variety of additional functions, has been introduced
Arduino Pro's two brand new, ready-to-use,  industrial-grade gateways!  WisGate Edge Lite 2 and WisGate Edge Pro
ESP8266 Wireless Terminal is a lights-out board For your Raspberry Pi by Andrey Malyshenko
Introducing the Raspberry Pi Pico Wireless Now with Added Wireless Connectivity for all your IoT Needs
Arduino releases an edge control enclosure kit with an on-board LCD user interface that is rated IP40