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The Nordic Semi nRF5340 Audio Development Kit is now available for Bluetooth LE audio projects

 The new development board is designed for Bluetooth LE Audio, but it's also compatible with a variety of other 2.4GHz radio protocols including Thread and Zigbee.

Nordic nRF5340 Audio DK Board

The nRF5340 Audio DK from Nordic Semiconductor is a development kit for wireless audio applications that includes Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) functionality and a dual-processor Arm Cortex-M33 processing engine.

New features, improved audio quality, and longer runtime

The Nordic Semi nRF5340 Audio Development Kit is now available for Bluetooth LE audio projects

Nordic nRF5340 Audio DK

The nRF5340 Audio Development Kit (DK) is the suggested platform for Bluetooth "LE Audio" devices, and it comes with everything you'll need to get started. The kit may be customized and used as a USB dongle to send and receive audio data from a computer. It may also be used as a Business Headset or a TWS Earbud. Nordic recommends utilizing two or more DKs in most circumstances.

However, designing a Bluetooth LE Audio design requires a starting point, which Nordic aims to provide with its nRF5340 Audio DK. The kit includes a 128MHz Arm Cortex-M33 application processor with 512kB of RAM and 1MB of flash storage, as well as a lower-power 64MHz Cortex-M33 core with 64kB RAM and 256kB of flash storage developed exclusively for running the LE Audio protocol stack. Intriguingly, this results in "the world's first wireless SoC with two Arm Cortex-M33 CPUs," according to Nordic.


In the meanwhile, the development board supports conventional Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, 802.15.4, Thread, Zigbee, ANT, 2.4GHz proprietary protocols, and near-field communication (NFC) through its on-board PCB antenna for those wishing to go beyond Bluetooth LE Audio experimentation. The kit comes with a 1.35Ah battery, although Nordic advises that most development use-cases would necessitate the purchase of two boards, one for transmitting and the other for receiving.

The Nordic nRF5340 Audio DK is now available in the channel for $169 per unit; on May 18, 

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