Touchsy - Display That Can be Use with Any Single-Board Computer or Microcontrollers

 A new range of displays has been announced by "Arushi" after launching of IoTFi she came up with this "Touchsy" LCD Display range which can be a good option for electronics hobbyists, Makers, and many others, and also Free Shipping Worldwide sounds great.

Touchsy - Dispay for Any Single-Boad Computer or Microcontrollers

Touch is normal 3.2” LCD which comes in several different options like Resistive & capacitive touch screens. Also, this comes with many Hardware compatibility options to cover all the hardware community Display variants below: 

Touchsy -Dispay That Can be Use with Any Single-Boad Computer or Microcontrollers
Touchsy - Display for Every Single board & microcontroller

  • Touchsy HAT (Resistive Display)
  • Touchsy Pico W (Resistive & Capacitive)
  • Touchsy ESP-32 (Resistive & Capacitive)
  • Touchsy Breakout (Resistive & Capacitive)

Touchsy HAT – Touchsy HAT is for the user who wants to mount the display on their single-board computers, Touchsy HAT support Raspberry Pi 4, 3, etc. if you’re using single-board computers like Radxa Rock by OKdo, Banana Pi, and much more (40 Pin GPIO compatibility must). Touchsy hat comes in a resistive version only, 3.2” display size is amazing feels like built for a single board as it is the same size as Pi 4, it uses an ILI934 display driver, 5-way joystick support, 2 programmable buttons, and programmable multi-tune buzzer.

Touchsy Pico W – Touchsy Pico W is an excellent option for those who want a display with the onboard controller, this display comes with Official Raspberry Pi Pico W onboard mounted means it can be programmed with many languages like Python (MicroPython, Circuit Python), Arduino IDE, C, C++. And this Touchsy comes in two variants resistive and capacitive, with an SD card option, a battery port to connect the battery (3.7V), 4 programmable buttons 4 wires SPI, and Additional GPIO pins to connect more hardware.

Touchsy ESP-32 – It has all similar features as Touchsy Pico W, but instead of Pico W it has ESP-32, many users are not familiar with Raspberry Pi Pico but familiar with ESP then it’s the best choice for you.

Touchsy Breakout – Breakout is always a great option if you’re using Arduino or another controller, this display is perfect for the Arduino community as it has ¾ wire SPI interface, 8 Bit parallel, and also has level shifter to explore more Touchsy compatibility now you are free to use any hardware as it supports 3.3v and 5v.

Arushi came up with a great solution for the display for all single board computers & microcontrollers, the campaign has already reached the goal, and currently, 713% have already been funded, currently, Touchsy is available on Kickstarter at £23 with “Free Shipping Worldwide” backers can expect their Touchsy by April 2023.

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