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Active Time-of-Flight Depth Camera Module for the Raspberry Pi is Now Available! Arducam
UHF RFID Series Compatible with Raspberry Pi and other single board computers, Raspberry Pi Pico (& Pico Wireless), Controller and more.
The Dual Raspberry Pi Pico-Powered ProtoZOA Provides prototyping tool for MIDI 2.0
Introduced: The newly revised PlainDAQ, a straightforward, open-source DAQ module for the Raspberry Pi Pico.
EncroPi, a smart RP2040 Based Device with variety of additional functions, has been introduced
Introducing the Raspberry Pi Pico Wireless Now with Added Wireless Connectivity for all your IoT Needs
How to Mine Cryptocurrency on a Raspberry Pi
 SENSE is an Arduino and Raspberry Pi-compatible multifunctional sensor board. @Raspberry_Pi @Arduino
Turing Machines Introduces The Turing Pi 2, Which Promises Raspberry Pi CM4 Compatibility as well as NVIDIA Jetson Support.
 StackyPi Has Taken Over the Raspberry Pi Board Global Shortage